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Every step must be well thought out. Only that leads to successful mobile application!


Are you large enterprise, small company or start-up?

We will be more than happy to create the best solution to help you grow as much as possible!

Technical design and planning

The entire development process starts with your idea. We will help You turn this idea into perfect product. For that we have to plan every step of the development carefully with every detail and requirement in mind . Only that way we can schedule every step and every feature. To make your application simply the best, we will provide you with our consultations every step of the way.

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UX and graphic design

Next step is the UX/UI design based on technical designs.

Perfect UX/UI design is essential for success. Good user interface makes successful and popular product. We pride ourselves in well thought out user experience and precise user interface. We employ and train our designers with emphasis on intuitive and simple user experience. That allows even complex applications to be easy to use and time saving. Now we go over the graphic design with you and when it is up to your expectations we go to next step - development.

Application’s first steps

Here we give the designs to our highly trained programmers. Crucial step in application development. Good designs can turn into bad applications here. We have experience with creating simple apps as well as infinitely complex enterprise structures. Our teams are supervised by project managers with many years of experience in all fields of application development. Our source code is written with emphasis on simplicity and reusability. It enables us to easily add new features in the feature making your solution even better.

Path to your application’s users

Here we have last step of application’s development. It is deployment. Your app is finished and now it is time to get it to the right people.

We live in times, where customers don’t come automatically when you release your application. It is essential to choose the right marketing strategy to target people you want and who are looking for your solution of their problem. Right from the start.

That assures success to every well-crafted product. We specialise in designing perfect and effective marketing strategies. We believe, that perfect work is done by people knowing every aspect of their actions. To make it better, we partnered with some of the largest and most experienced companies on Czech and Slovak markets and because of that, we can provide you with the best means to faster success.

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Frequently asked questions
  • +    How long does it take to develop mobile application?

    Development time as well as costs are greatly dependant on the complexity and it is calculated with project cost individually.

    If you want us to determine how long will it take to bring your idea to life, please contact us here.

  • +    Is it possible to expand my application if I think of new feature in the future?

    Definitely. Our mobile applications are written with emphasis on simplicity and reusability. That way we can add features any time. If you already know you will want to expand the app in the future please let us know early when designing the app. It is even simpler when mobile application is designed with possible future extensions in mind.

  • +    What are the steps when Apple (iOS)/Google (Android) releases new version of their operating system?

    You have nothing to fear here. New operating systems are written to preserve compatibility of already released applications in their stores. This means you don’t have to update your app every year as new operating systems are released. On the other hand, this compatibility is not forever. Once every few years it is good practice to review your application if it is still equipped to work with all the new features of new operating systems. It heavily depends on complexity of your app and whether it uses system’s advanced features.

  • +    Can i track how customers are using my applications to make it work even better for them?

    Absolutely. There are several services doing the analytics for you. Based on that, you can deliver the best experience to your users. The most used service these days is Google Analytics and brings you closer to your users.


    Our company is part of Google Parters program.

    If you need advice, we can help you here.


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