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We emphasise every development step because we know, every step is crucial. Only then can the mobile application be successful!

We are with you every step of the way. We will provide you with our help and solutions.

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  • Not sure what we need to know to create price quote?

    Don’t worry if you have an idea but no clue what device features your app needs to utilize. All we need to know are the features your users need to have and what devices will the application run on. We will suggest application’s functionality and all you have to do now is choose what you like most!

  • Development cost financing possibilities

    We have several choices if you need helping hand in financing the development costs.

    Contact us here for more information.

The price is final and guaranteed right from start!


(Our team is predictable and reliable. That enables us to assess the costs when defining the app’s features and spare you any unforeseen costs!)

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Frequently asked questions
  • +    What are the development costs?

    We would be happy to provide you with simple answer. However every application is unique and utilizes different features on device. We need you to contact us here and we will tell you price quote in few hours or days. No commitment and completely free.

  • +    What are my financing choices?

    Mobile application development is usually divided into one payment of 25% of total cost after approval and rest divided into equal monthly payments during rest of the development.

    First 25% of total cost are due after we deliver technical and UX/UI designs and you approve them for development. Remaining 75% of total cost is then divided into equal monthly payments during rest of the development.


    There are several choices when it comes to financing innovative mobile applications. You can pay all from your own sources, create a start-up company and get a backer (investor) or take advantage of our new installments loan. Contact us here for more info about our financing plan.

  • +    Do I get your price quote for free?

    Yes, there are no charges and no commitment in getting a price quote or final development cost.

  • +    What do you need to tell me development cost?

    To provide you with final and guaranteed development cost, we need to know your project’s requirements and features your app might have.

    For price quote, we need less information from you but the quote is not as accurate.

  • +    How do you determine cost when adding features to already existing app?

    Each price is determined separately when dealing with already existing app. Obviously, price is then calculated just for the feature and not for entire app development. This way you pay only for what is added to the app and you know what the feature costs before we start doing anything.

  • +    Is it possible and how much does it cost when modifying an app created by different company?

    Yes. Modifying this app is possible but only if you have all the required files (source codes, images, etc.). Big advantage is, when you have technical documentation for the app.

    Modification price is determined individually after we assess what state is the source code in, and what the modification would mean for our development team. Programmer’s code can vary from clean and well-arranged to sloppy and messy.


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- iOS

- Android

- Websites

- SmartWatch

- Smart TV

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