Our division dedicated to tailor-made mobile application development called RNS apps is part of company hierarchy under innovative British company run&see Ltd. R&S is abbreviation from it’s parent company’s name run&see which is perfect reflection for our goals and efforts. Applications with emphasis on effectivity and perfect user interface.

Goals and


Our goals and know-how is to employ and cooperate with people having similar goals as we do. Making life easier and always searching for paths and processes that can be streamlined as well as simplified. We believe modern technology should be always helping us and not the other way around.


and Organization

Team’s coordination is really important and we are not underestimating it! The entire team is involved in application’s design and development from start to end. That enables us to be more effective, streamline our process and discover new and better ways to bring your idea to life. No chaos and everyone’s voice when developing an app is heard.


Our company is always expanding to reach new countries.

Every branch has it’s own team which enables us to give you experience tailored for your market. On the other hand we work together when it is required or we simply search for the best solutions.

Contact us and let’s build an amazing product!

Working on mobile / web apps development?

(iOS, Android, backend, frontend, graphic designer)

If you have the knowledge, send us your CV and we will let you know.

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We develop applications for following platforms


- iOS

- Android

- Websites

- SmartWatch

- Smart TV

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